Mentorship In Sincere Sales

I think about Sincere Sales, the messaging behind my blog, and the goals I hope to achieve. I hope my voice can be valuable, engaging, and reach people and help them achieve their personal goals. I hope my blog can be a chance to mentor other sales professionals or sales professionals who have transitioned into... Continue Reading →

How to Hire a Sincere Salesperson

As a leader, the most important thing you can do is put the right people on your team. It doesn’t matter what product or service you are providing; if you have the right team, success will be easier to achieve. How do you find a Sincere Salesperson when hiring for a sales position? Hiring is... Continue Reading →

Embrace the CRM

Why do I need to log a customer conversation? Why do I need to put customer feedback into the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system? What is management doing with this information? Who cares? What will another salesperson do with the info I put on the CRMs? Who cares what my customer likes and what their... Continue Reading →

Appearance Matters

Does your appearance matter when you are in Sales? The painful truth is yes. We live in a superficial world, and depending on the industry, those superficial qualities can make a difference in your sales numbers. No matter the industry, your appearance does matter. No, I am not saying you have to be the most... Continue Reading →

Selling in Teams is Sincere Selling

Do you ever think sales is an individual sport? We have discussed how sales can feel lonely because you are often pinned against the customer and the organization. Well, I have just the cure, selling in teams. There are a lot of advantages and a few disadvantages to selling as a team. The benefits include... Continue Reading →

Entertaining the Sincere Sales Way

I drove to Napa last weekend for an event with clients (I know, rough life). I started thinking about the event, what information I would like to get from the host/customer about the current market, projects I wanted to sell, questions about the projects we have sold that were in process, information about my competition,... Continue Reading →

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