How to Hire a Sincere Salesperson

As a leader, the most important thing you can do is put the right people on your team. It doesn’t matter what product or service you are providing; if you have the right team, success will be easier to achieve. How do you find a Sincere Salesperson when hiring for a sales position? Hiring is always tricky; you never know if someone coming through the door for an interview will be the same person that you get when you hire. There are many unknowns when hiring and a lot of risks, especially in a sales position. This person will be representing the brand and will be privy to many of the intimate details of the company. That is why it is essential to make the right hire when picking the next Sincere Salesperson.

The first step is to look at the resume. The resume for a salesperson needs to highlight how a person can communicate. If they cannot display and convey their skills on a resume, they will have a tough time representing their project. I also think creativity in a resume is essential to do something as a salesperson that will help you stand out. Education requirements and skills are reasonable but how you can show them off is critical and what pops on the paper.

The next step is the interview process. When hiring, different people interview your organization to get varying perspectives about the candidate is most important. Sometimes when salespeople interview each other, the line of questioning can be favorable to the types of personalities that are similar. I think any interview process of a salesperson should include the perspectives of others in management. Different people in leadership will be able to see if a salesperson is a good fit for the organization. The line of questioning from other people, including the finance world or the technical sides of the organization, will not only challenge a salesperson. Still, it will highlight how they interact with different personalities other than sales and will expose their analytical side.

Another part of the interview is specific testing. I always think Wonderlic is an excellent test to see how they do under pressure. While I don’t believe it is make-or-break testing, I think it is a valuable exercise. I also feel that your organization can employ the help of outside pre-employment assessments. Again, I don’t’ think it should be the deciding factor, but it can help give you a good outside perspective from an organization that can help the decision-making process. It can lower the likelihood of making mistakes and give you more confidence in your choice. It is also a good tool if you are on the fence; it can help you decide. While not every organization can afford pre-employment assessment costs, remember there is a significant investment in an employee.  If someone does not work out, consider the cost of new recruitment.  

Ultimately when finding a Sincere Salesperson, role-playing is a great way to see if the person you are interviewing aligns with how you want to sell. A salesperson who doesn’t excel in the interview process will struggle in the sales process as the interview process is sales at its most basic form, a person selling themselves to you, the organization. Some simple exercises include putting the candidate in specific scenarios where skills like listening, honesty, and transparency are displayed. That will be the best way for you to gain some perspective of what this person is like when selling.

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