Sell Me This Pen; Why?

In the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, the story is based on the life of a penny stock broker, Jordan Belfort. He uses the phrase Sell Me this Pen. It is the premise that you should be able to be so creative and unique in your approach that you could get someone to buy anything, even something as ubiquitous as a pen. While being clever and exceptional is an excellent asset for a salesperson, what is important is thinking quickly on your feet as the exercise of selling a pen on the spot teaches you. That messaging is all wrong. It takes away the passion and the belief in what you are selling.

Whether it is a product, service, or even yourself., to be sincere about your sales you must believe in what you are offering to the marketplace. I have often encountered salespeople who feel miserable by quotas, making cold calls, and pounding the pavement representing a company or a brand in which they don’t believe. There is a saying, ”If you love your job, you will never work a day in your life.” While this is simplistic and doesn’t accurately explain that no matter how much you love your job, there will always be ups and downs and challenges that don’t always make life a rosy picture. However, if you love what you are selling, the hard work feels less onerous.

As a salesperson, to be sincere in your approach, you must believe that what you are offering to the consumer will make a difference. If you believe in the product or service, it is much easier to convince someone else to buy and repeat the buying process.

Once you believe, then you can sell to others. The biggest mistake salespeople make is staying in an industry or selling a product or service they don’t believe is good for the consumer. All you are doing is teaching yourself it is okay to manipulate for sale, leading you to be dishonest about your craft.

How does this belief in a product and oneself for promoting a product or service combine with management? It is the same principle; if you believe in the merits of the organization you are managing, it is much easier to invest in the employees and get them to promote the company’s product, service, or objectives. If you have passion for what you do, it is infectious, and it easily translates into success.  In leadership, sincere belief in something is a much more powerful motivator than fear.

Finally, ask your self are you passionate about what you sell. If the answer is no, then now is the time to find that product or service that moves you. The pandemic has taught us that the employee is the hot commodity, and we should see an organization that we can believe in that can help us be sincere in our sales.

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