Sales Person Dilemma

Tired of feeling the pressure of being caught between what a customer wants and what the company needs. Welcome the salesperson dilemma.

One of the most complex parts of being a salesperson is that we are trained to see both sides n any given transaction. We have to be sympathetic to the customer and understand their needs. When we are pricing and talking about a commitment for delivery, we want to be able to give them what they need to make the sale. We want to be accommodating and believe in the saying that the customer is always right. Besides, it is easier to say yes. We also must understand the importance of the values and positions of the company. Most successful salespeople find a good balance. Is there a way to maintain a healthy balance making the customer happy and supporting the organization that pays your salary?

To sell with balance, you must be sincere. The sincere sales approach works because transparency is the key to finding balance. The days of holding everything close and trying to have mind games with a customer are over. Success comes from explaining to your customers your expectations and that of the organization you are representing. Describe the kind of volume and pricing expectations. Explain to a consumer or customer what type of buying will make them a preferred customer and allow them to receive better pricing and priority services. If a customer knows your expectations, they can help facilitate your orders. The same is for your organization; they should account for your customer needs. If you can be transparent about the customer’s needs and expectations, then the organization can offer alternative solutions. The key to being sincere is that hiding provides no benefit and will always have one side feeling like you, as a typical salesperson, are pulling something over on the customer or your team.

When being a salesperson, integrity is critical. The more the customer and your team believe in you, the more favorably they will respond to your requests.  Your customer will entrust you with more business. Your organization will respond by treating your clients and accounts with more respect because they know that the commitment you made had everyone’s interest at heart.

How does being sincere and transparent work with the internal customer?

In every transaction as a manager, there are two parties. Being sincere in your approach and having a trust will buy the further connections between yourself and your constituency, which will lead to stronger relationships over time. It will be reciprocated if you are transparent and set that expectation for the team you lead. You are leading a sincere and intentional work environment.

If you have an example of where you were caught between the customer and the company, I would love to hear that story; please share in the comments. Please subscribe to the blog and follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter

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